Story of Hopes

A woman who approached Rays of Hope(ROH) stating that she lost her husband who was a mason in Bangalore. The woman by name Esther, had a tumour on her throat. The NGO provided shelter for her and education to her eldest daughter named Priya who was then pursuing her II P.U.C. On knowing the cause of the death of her husband, Rays of Hope, through the help of a Social Welfare Organisation aquired the ex-gratia of the deceased family. The NGO helped in the education of the daughter of the same for a period of two years and also cared the toddler, her second child.

Mason’s wife

Antony and Rakini, a family of four, who were with an NGO earlier were spotted by ROH on road stating that they were sent out of the NGO on undisclosed reasons. Rays of Hope provided shelter for the family and helped in educating their two children. Presently, the family takes care of Rays of Hope Charitable Trust in stewardship and maintenance of the same which houses 10 Children and 10 old-aged couple.

Antony and Rakini

A blind couple who lived in a village near Devanahalli, unable to catch the bus to their place back, returning from a church, were noticed and brought to ROH by an auto-driver named Ramesh. Looking into their lives, ROH provided shelter for the couple who has been staying with ROH for three years now.

Blind couple