Vision & Mission

What is Rays of Hope ?

Rays of Hope is a registered Charitable Trust with the govt. of Karnataka in 2014 (Registration Number: BNS-4-00077-2014-15)
Started in 2012 for enlightening the lives of abandoned, neglected children and the elderly in Bangalore

Why Rays of Hope ?

The primary goal of ROH is to restore hope and provision of basic needs of orphan children and the old-aged. ROH takes care of the destitute, the orphaned and abandoned children.
The main objective is to rehabilitate the children with interpersonal skills through education, medical care, building their self-esteem and social living skills that will enable them live responsibly in the society.

Vision of Rays of Hope

To see the orphaned and left out children released from physical, economic and spiritual poverty reach their highest and fullest potential. Every child transforms to be a constructive and productive citizen and enjoys life in its fullness.
To provide the love and care to elders who has lost that in life and families are often unable to give the elderly care needed.

Our Aim's & Objectives

This organization is a secure shelter for the needy, poor, orphaned children, Old Age peoples, Widows, helpless women and the physically and mentally challenged. With provision of hygienic food and clothing, these people are treated with love, affection and care. Its sole aim is to provide proper education to poor children as well as to conduct training classes for women so that they can stand on their own feet without depending on others.

This noble concept of our team to help these people by admitting them into the ashram has given him popular recognition in the society. The sincere motive, to bring these needy under one shelter while fulfilling their basic requirements so that they are not insecure and can feel at home in the ashram. This humanitarian deed, till now has shaped the lives of many such people who are deprived of their families or are completely helpless. To bring eventual results and to help more people in the future, Rays of Hope is in search of generous donors. The Centre tries to bridge the gap between families looking for help in care giving to their loved ones and elders who need assistance in all their activities of daily living.

  • We are given a good education for orphan children and child labour.
  • We are given free education, food, shelter and medical to the orphan child labour and poor children.
  • We are conducting socio - cultural programmes
  • We are taking responsibilities for slum areas and rural developement programme.
  • We are surveying in slum areas for child labour and taking the children to our organization giving free education, food shelter and medical.
  • To help needy orphanage children irrespective of caste, creed, sex, or religion, for this purpose and or in pursuance thereof to undertake, execute, support and assist any programme (s) or project (s) with no profit motive designed, to provide
    • i. Food, shelter, clothing and other basic necessities for orphanage children.
    • ii. Medical care and other activities like Yoga and physical exercises to improve the health.
    • iii. Support in building confidence in them and making them mentally strong to face the problem and succeed in life.
    • iv. Educational & recreational facilities for the orphanage children and provide facilities for them to lead a religious & meditative life.
  • To promote National integration and the Unity of the Country
  • To promote self confidence and spirit of self reliance among beneficiary to enable them to acquire necessary skills and guide them to achieve excellence in their fields of activity.
  • To publish books, newspaper, journals, brochures, pamphlets, etc.., to achieve the objectives of the trust.
  • To promote education, health activities and rural development activities.
  • To establish Nursery, Primary, High School, Higher Secondary School, colleges and similar educational institutions like hotel Management and catering technology institutes, fashion Designing, food processing, polytechnics, engineering colleges, Teacher training institutes, nursery schools, medical colleges, etc... And to maintain book banks, entrance examination coaching center, reference rooms, study classes, hotels and vocational Trainings for students.
  • To give computer training, Tailoring, Mobilize savings, handicrafts training, industrial training, employment awareness, etc..,to support for livelihood to needy people.
  • To take-up Economic development programmes that will be sustainable for the unemployed youth.
  • To undertaken Educational, Legal, environmental life awareness activities and to strength human resources development.
  • To work for the elimination of child labour and to provide education and life development to children.
  • To conduct medical camps in all respects with the approval of the respective authorities and to provide medical help to be poor.

Trusted Partners & Sponsors

We are very greatful and feel honoured to our all partners & Sponsors for being with us